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WL60 Boosted WI-FI Access SystemWL60 Boosted WI-FI Access System
Now Windows 8 and Apple OSX Mavericks (10.9) compatible [more info]
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 AIS Update Tool and Binary  AIS Update Tool and Binary 
Includes the Update tool and V020100_1_0_11 update file
 AIS Receiver Update   306 Kb  2011-06-20 16:43:38   Download 
 AISnet Configuration Tool V3.0.2  AISnet Configuration Tool V3.0.2 
PC Application to Configure the AISnet network settings V3.0.2   3.7 Mb  2010-10-14 13:59:29   Download 
 AIT1000 Software Update  AIT1000 Software Update 
Latest AIT1000 software V10.11.14.0 which includes support for SPST type Silent Switch and full NMEA 0183 Multiplexing - requires ProAIS V3.121 to setup new features   161 Kb  2010-03-09 12:40:53   Download 
 AIT2000/CLB2000/AIS200N2Net Update  AIT2000/CLB2000/AIS200N2Net Update 
Latest Firmware Version 1.10 for our AIT2000/CLB2000/AIS200N2Net AIS units with update tool. Fixes USB dropout bug.   8.5 Mb  2012-09-20 20:24:48   Download 
 configAIS V1.0.0.3  configAIS V1.0.0.3 
Configuration software for the CLA1000 Class A Transponder   269 Kb  2012-08-20 21:43:41   Download 
 GPS110 Driver  GPS110 Driver 
Latest Driver for GPS110 (USB) works with WinXP, Vista and Win7   1.8 Mb  2010-04-26 13:39:42   Download 
 iNavConnect Firmware V2.20  iNavConnect Firmware V2.20 
Latest iNavConnect Firmware V2.20 that cures Captive Portal Issue   2.8 Mb  2012-01-24 13:32:10   Download 
 iNavHub Firmware V2.20  iNavHub Firmware V2.20 
Latest iNavHub Firmware V2.20 that cures Captive Portal issue   2.8 Mb  2014-02-25 13:27:05   Download 
 NavLink Latest Firmware V2.410  NavLink Latest Firmware V2.410 
Latest Firmware for NavLink V2.410 which supports AIS PGNs
 NavLink V2.410 Firmware Update   1.7 Mb  2014-04-28 09:08:15   Download 
 NMEA Data Display Program  NMEA Data Display Program 
Free NMEA0183 diagnostics software V1.00 (Parser)
 NMEA Data Display Program   5.6 Mb  2010-07-22 14:56:34   Download 
 proAIS Software  proAIS Software 
Latest proAIS software V3.121 for AIT250 and AIT1000 that allows configuration of SPST type Silent Switch and full NMEA 0183 Multiplexing   29.8 Mb  2010-03-09 12:52:52   Download 
 proAIS2 Software Mac  proAIS2 Software Mac 
Latest proAIS2 software for AIT2000 (NOT for AIT250 or AIT1000). Zip file just includes Mac Version 1.4   13.1 Mb  2013-02-04 11:55:00   Download 
 proAIS2 Software Windows  proAIS2 Software Windows 
Latest proAIS2 software for AIT2000 (NOT for AIT250 or AIT1000). Zip file just includes Windows Version 1.4   12.1 Mb  2012-02-21 03:03:00   Download 
 T112 Touch Screen Software  T112 Touch Screen Software 
Touch Screen Drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win7
 PenMount Windows Universal Driver V2.2.0.283( Win7_32_64bit_WHQL).zip   2.7 Mb  2010-03-19 18:26:49   Download 
 TeraTerm Macros for WLN10 Update  TeraTerm Macros for WLN10 Update 
Zip file containing two Tera Term Macro files for WLN10 and WLN10HS updating as required for Tech Note 00051-2013
 WLN10_Macros_For_Tech_Note   2 Kb  2013-04-26 11:43:39   Download 
 UDP Test Tool  UDP Test Tool 
Simple program for testing UDP data being transmitted by our Wireless Products.   1.5 Mb  2013-07-25 15:27:28   Download 
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