Portable Navigation

Having a NMEA to Wi-Fi adaptor is a must-have for those who use their laptops, tablets or any mobile devices to sail. With this adaptor, the user will receive the boat’s navigation data (NMEA) directly on their mobile device. If you want to learn more about NMEA, please click here.

These adaptors will convert the NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 data and will then send them wirelessly by creating a WiFi on board. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi with your mobile device to receive the boat’s navigation data. Discover our NMEA-WiFi adaptors by clicking here.

There are plenty of navigation software and boating apps now for Android and iOS products which accept NMEA data allowing tablet, smartphone and laptop to become a trustworthy, independent and complete navigation system on board. We firmly believe that low cost consumer devices such as iPhones and tablets, PCs and MACs have a place on board and can help make legacy systems compete with the latest in dedicated marine electronic products at a fraction of the cost.


How does it send the data?

The NMEA-WIFI adaptors stream the NMEA data in two ways. Either in UDP or TCP. In UDP ,  the adaptor will stream the NMEA data to numerous devices in the same time, whereas in TCP, the adaptor will only stream the NMEA data to one mobile device in the same time. In UDP up to 7 wireless devices can connect and receive the NMEA data at the same time.








Improve your current system on board

Every marine electronics brands use the NMEA standard for the communication of their instruments, chart plotters, etc.. Yet, some brand created their own NMEA standard (i.e. SeaTalk for Raymarine). So, with a NMEA to Wi-Fi adaptor, you can simply connect the adaptor to your current system on board and then it will directly send the boat’s navigation data to your mobile devices.

You can largely improve your current marine electronic system on board by adding plenty of new screens with affordable NMEA to Wi-Fi adaptors instead of paying for an expensive marine electronic screen. If you already have a small chart plotter on board, having a NMEA-WiFI adaptor is the best affordable and easy solution to add large screens on board.

Besides, using tablet and smartphone is much easier and friendlier than a chart plotter. Finally, you will only have to choose the apps and softwares that fit all your needs.


Choose your marine apps

We’ve created a list of the best boating apps for Android and Apple. It depends on what you want to do with your tablet, laptop and smartphone, but there are plenty of apps available now.

For example, a customer could receive the AIS targets on his iPad directly on the iAIS apps whilst receiving at the same time the Wind data on his Android smartphone on the WindSense apps.

Easy to install

Most of marine electronic systems have an NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 connectivity, so it is easy to connect one of our NMEA to WIFi adaptor. Our current range of NMEA to WiFi adaptor products can connect to any marine electronic systems:

WLN10: 1 x NMEA0183 (4800 baud) to connect to chart plotter, instrument and marine electronics syste

WLN10HS: 1 x NMEA0183 (38400 baud) to connect to any AIS systems (receiver or transponder)

WLN20: 2x NMEA0183 (4800 and 38400 baud) to connect to chart plotter, instrument and also to AIS system

NavLink NMEA2000: 1x NMEA2000 to connect to the new NMEA2000 network.


On the picture below, you can see how to plug the WLN10 on a Raymarine system. The WLN10 will then send wirelessly all the navigation data to mobile devices (position, wind, speed, depth, etc.)

On the picture below, you can see how to easily and simply connect the NavLink NMEA2000 on a NMEA2000 network:

Streaming wirelessly NMEA data from marine electronic products allows mobile devices and laptop to take an important part in the electronic system on board and to change affordably the way we sail.

Instead of investing in new marine electronic products, using mobile devices is now a great solution due to these NMEA to WiFI adaptors as it is more affordable, innovative, friendly, easy to use and mobile devices can be easily updated.