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AISNet with built in VHF splitter
April 4, 2018
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August 20, 2018
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ST-NMEA Converter + GPS150 Bundle


“Raystar GPS Replacement made easy with the GPS150 and SeaTalk-NMEA converter bundle.”


Our GPS150 (combination GPS & GLONASS) positioning sensor has been popular as a replacement GPS sensor for older Raymarine systems such as the RL, C and E series plotters and multi function displays.  However, it uses NMEA data and it is necessary to locate and connect direct to a NMEA input port on the plotter.

Our new SeaTalk to NMEA interface can now be added to the system, converting the NMEA output of the GPS150 to a simple SeaTalk connection which can just tie in anywhere on the SeaTalk bus using the familiar red, yellow and black wiring.

The SeaTalk™ interface, originally developed by Autohelm in the early 1990’s, was included on pretty much all Autohelm and Raymarine (and some Raytheon) products up until about 2012. As a result there are thousands and thousands of boats around the world that have a SeaTalk 1 network and many owners need to replace their GPS.

What’s more the output from the converter can be connected to our NMEA-Wireless devices like the WLN10 so SeaTalk instrument data can be displayed on popular iPad and tablet apps – great for giving a facelift to your navigation display capabilities!


  • SeaTalk-NMEA Converter and GPS150 bundle
  • 50 channel precision GPS/GLONASS positioning sensor
  • Just 75mm in diameter for the GPS antenna and designed to fit industry standard 1” mounts
  • GPS antenna ultra tough, waterproof construction
  • WAAS/EGNOS/SBAS enabled for sub 1m accuracy
  • Ultra low 30mA power consumption
  • Small but powerful bi-directional SeaTalk-NMEA converter
  • Converter powered from the SeaTalk network
  • Features reliable multi-stage transistor SeaTalk interface
  • Opto-isolated NMEA0183 input and differential NMEA0183 output
  • Converts all of the key navigational data

NOTE – SeaTalk™ is a registered trademark of Raymarine UK Limited

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