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  AIT250 AIS Transponder w/o AIS VHF antenna for use with SPL250

What is AIS?

The marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a location and vessel information reporting system. It allows vessels equipped with AIS to automatically and dynamically share and regularly update their position, speed, course and other information such as vessel identity with similarly equipped craft. Position is derived from a GPS system and communication between vessels is by VHF digital transmissions (on channels specifically allocated within the normal marine VHF spectrum).  A sophisticated and automatic method of time sharing the radio channel is used to ensure that even where a large number of vessels are in one location, blocking of individual transmissions is minimised with any degradation of the expected position reporting interval indicated to the user. Even if the unit suffers extreme channel overload conditions it will always recover to normal operation.


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There are two classes of AIS unit fitted to vessels - Class A and Class B. In addition, AIS base stations may be employed by the Coastguard, port authorities and other authorised bodies.  AIS units acting as aids to navigation (A to Ns) can also be fitted to fixed and floating navigation markers such as channel markers and buoys.  Class A units are a mandatory fit under the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) convention to vessels above 300 gross tons or which carry more than 11 passengers in International waters. Many other commercial vessels and some leisure craft also fit Class A units.

Class B units are currently not a mandatory fit but authorities in several parts of the world are considering this. Class B units are designed for fitting in vessels which do not fall into the mandatory Class A fit category.  The Digital Yacht SMARTERTrack AIT250  is a Class B unit.

  • Full CLASS B AIS transponder compliant to IEC62287-1 and CE0168
  • Sends and receives AIS data so your position, course, speed, heading and identity are transmitted to other AIS users as well as receiving other CLASS A and CLASS B data transmissions for viewing on a compatible plotter or PC charting system
  • Built in GPS - provides compatible devices with a position data feed
  • Built in dual channel receiver with NMEA/RS232 output for connection to compatible plotter or PC charting system
  • Silence mode switch - turn off the transponder if appropriate
  • Supplied complete with GPS antenna and suitable for DIY installation
  • Measures just 190 x 175 x 91mm
  • 12V DC (9.6-15v) operation.  Average power consumption 4W
  • Built in integrity testing for constant monitoring and easy to view LED status lights
  • Optional distress function with safety related message (SRM) capability

Supplied with dedicated GPS antenna

Manuals (English)
Click to download AIT250 Quick Start Guide (AIT250 Quick Start V1_00_Eng.pdf 293 Kb)
 AIT250 Quick Start Guide in English V1.00
Click to download AIT250 User Manual (AIT250 User Manual V1_02_Eng.pdf 911 Kb)
 AIT250 Full User Manual in English V1.02
Click to download AIT250 proAIS User Guide (AIT250 proAIS User Guide.pdf 733 Kb)
 proAIS User Guide extracted from the AIT250 User Manual
Product Catalogue
Click to download Product Catalogue 2012 (Digitalyacht 2012_web.pdf 997 Kb)
 January 2012 - Our latest catalogue featuring our newest products for 2012 is now available
Product CDs
Click to download AIT250 CD-ROM (AIT250 CD-ROM 29.8 Mb)
 Latest AIT250 CD-Rom Contents (Zipped) includes; proAIS and Manual
Spanish Manuals
Click to download AIT250 - Guía de Instalación e Inicio Rápido (AIT250 Guia Inicio Rapido.pdf 495 Kb)
 AIT250 - Guía de Instalación e Inicio Rápido
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00011-2010 (Tech 00011-2011 Fault Finding Class B Transponders.pdf 418 Kb)
 Fault Finding Tips for AIT250, AIT1000 and CLB1000 Class B Transponders
Click to download Tech 00018 - 2011 (Tech 00018-2011.pdf 196 Kb)
 How to connect a Digital Yacht AIS to a Garmin 400/500 Series plotter
Click to download Tech 00016 - 2011 (Tech 00016-2011 AIS to Raymarine C Series.pdf 513 Kb)
 How to connect Digital Yacht AIS to a Raymarine Class C series.
Click to download Tech 00025 - 2011 (Tech 00025-2011 Diagnosing AIS Transponder Alarms.pdf 157 Kb)
 How to diagnose Class B Transponder Alarm Codes
Click to download Tech 00000 - 2013 (Tech 00000-2013 Index.pdf 313 Kb)
 Tech Note Index
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