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  AIS200PRO Receiver

Great entry level AIS receiver for use with PC navigation software and chart plotters such as the latest Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Standard Horizon and Furuno units. Connected to an existing VHF antenna (via a splitter) or dedicated AIS antenna, you can receive all AIS targets within 20 miles of your boat*

Simple plug and play USB connection to a PC. Uses standard drivers built-in to Windows XP/Vista/7 and is automatically mapped to an available "virtual" com port, that your PC software can read. Also compatible with Mac OS X and all LINUX Kernels since V2.4.20. 

This Pro version of the AIS200 also has the NMEA0183 input and output capability of the normal version and so you can supply AIS data to a PC (via USB) and a Dedicated plotter (via NMEA) for larger installations. 

Connect the NMEA (4800 baud) output of your GPS to the AIS200PRO and it will automatically multiplex (merge) the slower GPS data with the high speed AIS data and transmit everything on the high speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) - perfect for connection to a chart plotter with only one NMEA input.   

  • High performance dual channel AIS receiver for use with existing plotter and radar systems
  • USB Interface for simple Plug and Play connection to a PC
  • High Speed NMEA output (38,400 baud)
  • Requires VHF antenna (or dedicated AIS antenna available as optional accessory)
  • Multiplexed NMEA input for single NMEA GPS+AIS data output at 38,400 baud
  • Small black box solution 150mm x 150mm x 37.5mm (L x W x D)
  • Supplied with mounting brackets, 0.75m Power/Data cable, 0.75m USB cable and instruction manual


 * NOTE - AIS target range, like VHF range is dependent upon a number of installation factors such as; antenna gain, antenna height and size of ground plane. Ranges in excess of 20 miles should be possible if all of these factors are perfect. 



 UPC Number: 738435472405

Click to download AIS200 Pro Receiver (LOWRes_AIS200Pro.jpg 50 Kb)
 AIS200 Pro Receiver on white background - Low Res
Click to download AIS200 Pro Receiver (LOWRes_AIS200Pro_angle1.jpg 164 Kb)
 AIS200 Pro Receiver - Low Res
Click to download AIS200Pro Receiver High Res (AIS200Pro.jpg 1.1 Mb)
 AIS200Pro Receiver - High Res
Click to download AIS200 Pro Receiver (LOWRes_AIS200Pro_angle1.jpg 164 Kb)
 AIS200 Pro Receiver - High Res
Italian Manuals
Click to download AIS200 & AIS200Pro (AIS200AIS200PRO _Guida Rapida all'Installazione.pdf 135 Kb)
 AIS200 & AIS200Pro
Manuals (English)
Click to download AIS200 Quick Start Guide (AIS200+PRO Quick Start Guide V1_00_Eng.pdf 298 Kb)
 AIS200 and AIS200PRO Quick Start Guide in English V1.00
Product Catalogue
Click to download Product Catalogue 2012 (Digitalyacht 2012_web.pdf 997 Kb)
 January 2012 - Our latest catalogue featuring our newest products for 2012 is now available
Click to download USB Drivers for AIS Receivers and NMEA Adaptor (Windows) (USB Driver Setup 1.9 Mb)
 USB Drivers for AIS100 range, iAIS, uAIS, AISNet and NMEA To USB Adaptors for all versions of Windows V2_08_30 (includes Setup program)
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00001-2010 (Tech 00001-2010 USB Adaptor Drivers.pdf 587 Kb)
 USB to Serial Adaptor Drivers for Digital Yacht Products
Click to download Tech 00008-2010 (Tech 00008-2010 AIS200 to Lowrance HDS5+7.pdf 153 Kb)
 NMEA Output cannot drive Lowrance HDS5 and HDS7 Units
Click to download Tech 00013-2010 (Tech 000013-2010 Setting up NMEA to USB on a Mac.pdf 520 Kb)
 How to setup and test our NMEA to USB interface on a Mac.
Click to download Tech 00015-2010 (Tech 000015-2010 Changing NMEA to USB COM port allocation.pdf 265 Kb)
 Changing NMEA to USB COM port allocation
Click to download Tech 00017 - 2011 (Tech 00017-2011.pdf 766 Kb)
 How to connect a Digital Yacht AIS to a Standard Horizon plotter
Click to download Tech 00018 - 2011 (Tech 00018-2011.pdf 196 Kb)
 How to connect a Digital Yacht AIS to a Garmin 400/500 Series plotter
Click to download Tech 00016 - 2011 (Tech 00016-2011 AIS to Raymarine C Series.pdf 513 Kb)
 How to connect Digital Yacht AIS to a Raymarine Class C series.
Click to download Tech 00022 - 2011 (Tech 00022-2011 Fault Finding AIS200 range on PC.pdf 330 Kb)
 Fault Finding with the AIS200 Range on a PC
Click to download Tech 00024 - 2011 (Tech 00024-2011 Updating an AIS Reciever board.pdf 92 Kb)
 How to update an AIS Receiver Board
Click to download Tech 00000 - 2013 (Tech 00000-2013 Index.pdf 313 Kb)
 Tech Note Index
Click to download iAIS (iais brochure.pdf 957 Kb)
 Everything you need to know at a glance about Digital Yacht's iAIS. In English.
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1. I have plugged my Digital Yacht product into the USB, but it does not appear to be working, what do I do?
2. In the last 24hrs I have been getting a warning message on my chart plotter saying "AIS 12V warning". What could be the problem?
3. Do I need any extra software so I can see the AIS info on a computer?
4. I do not have an AIS compatible plotter, what is the easiest way to get AIS data for my boat?
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