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  Aqua PC (Standard)

The new Aqua range of marine PCs from Digital Yacht bring affordable low power computing to every boat. All models utilise the latest generation of Intel and AMD processors and a highly efficient DC power supply to offer exceptionally low power consumption (from just 15W) as well as fast computing capabilities. Whilst fully customisable, four basic models fit the majority of marine requirements.

Aqua PC (Standard)

Aqua PC Standard is designed as a general purpose, great value on board PC. It’s fitted with two NMEA ports, a 160GB ruggedised hard drive fitted in an anti vibration enclosure, 1 GB of RAM and a CD/DVD drive. Standard connections include three USB ports, a VGA and DVI port allowing the system to drive up to two compatible LCD monitors and all the standard system connectors for keyboard, audio and network.

Utilising an exceptionally low power Intel Atom N270 processor, the Aqua Standard PC is completely fanless and consumes just 1.5A. Offering Netbook type performance, it is ideal for general purpose computing; Office applications, E-Mail, Web Browsing, watching DVDs, playing music, etc. and is powerful enough to run all of the popular Navigational Software packages.

For users wishing to run the latest and most sophisticated navigational software (3D charting, weather routing, bathy generation, etc) or who want instant redraw and panning, then the Aqua Pro PC whould be considered, but for the majority of users, the Aqua Standard PC offers the perfect compromise between current consumption and computing performance. 



 UPC Number: 738435472467

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French Manuals
Click to download Aqua PC Quick Start Guide (AQUA PC Quick Start Guide V1_02.pdf 220 Kb)
 Aqua PC
Manuals (English)
Click to download Aqua PC Quick Start Guide (AQUA PC Quick Start Guide V1_02_Eng.pdf 485 Kb)
 Aqua Standard PC Quick Start Guide V1.02 in English
Marine PCs
Click to download Aqua PC (LOWRes_AquaPCGroupShot.jpg 295 Kb)
 Aqua PC Group shot - Low Res
Click to download Aqua PC (LOWRes_AquaPC_angle_left.jpg 121 Kb)
 Aqua PC - Low Res
Click to download Aqua PC (LOWRes_AquaPC_front.jpg 51 Kb)
 Aqua PC angled right - Low Res
Click to download Aqua PC (LOWRes_Aqua_PC_Rear.jpg 43 Kb)
 Aqua PC Rear shot - Low Res
Marine PCs
Click to download Aqua PC Front High Res (AquaPC_Front.jpg 831 Kb)
 Aqua PC Image on White background - Front View - High Res
Click to download Aqua PC Oblique High Res (AquaPC_B.jpg 804 Kb)
 Aqua PC Oblique on White background - Slightly from Side View - High Res
Click to download Aqua PC Rear High Res (Aqua_PC_Rear.jpg 935 Kb)
 Aqua PC Rear on White background - Rear View - High Res
Product Catalogue
Click to download Product Catalogue 2012 (Digitalyacht 2012_web.pdf 997 Kb)
 January 2012 - Our latest catalogue featuring our newest products for 2012 is now available
Product Comparisons
Click to download Marine PCs (Marine PCs.pdf 825 Kb)
 What makes a good marine PC?
Click to download NMEA Data Display Program (NMEA Data Display Program 5.6 Mb)
 Free NMEA0183 diagnostics software V1.00 (Parser)
Spanish Manuals
Click to download AQUA PC Guia Inicio Rapido (AQUA PC Guia Inicio Rapido.pdf 661 Kb)
 AQUA PC Guia Inicio Rapido
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00001-2010 (Tech 00001-2010 USB Adaptor Drivers.pdf 587 Kb)
 USB to Serial Adaptor Drivers for Digital Yacht Products
Click to download Tech 00003-2010 (Tech 00003-2010 SOB Windows 7.pdf 147 Kb)
 Running SOB software on Aqua PC with Windows 7
Click to download Tech 00005-2010 (Tech 00005-2010 NMEA Data detected as Mouse.pdf 273 Kb)
 NMEA Data detected as serial Mouse (erratic cursor movement)
Click to download Tech 00000 - 2013 (Tech 00000-2013 Index.pdf 313 Kb)
 Tech Note Index
Click to download Guide to Marine PCs (Guide to Marine PCs.pdf 105 Kb)
 A one page document to give an overview of our Aqua PC range.
Click to download Aqua PC Range Brochure (aqua brochure_Feb2012.pdf 4.7 Mb)
 February 2012 - revised brochure with the specification of the new PCs that are being built this year
Press Releases
Click to download Aqua PC (Aqua PC.pdf 226 Kb)
 Aqua PC press release January 2010
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2. Iím looking for a system with one display inside and one outside. Can Aqua PCs connect two displays?
3. I want to get Long Range WiFi for my Aqua PC, but have been told it is not possible if I also have the NMEA 2000 gateway installed, is this correct?
4. I am planning to buy an Aqua PC but some of the programmes I run, need Windows XP Professional Edition, is that an option?
5. Can I fit a remote switch for my Aqua PC?
6. I am using an Aqua PC and I am interested in using SSB with it? How would I connect it?
7. I have connected my NMEA cable to the Aqua PC, but now my cursor is behaving oddly, what do I do?
8. I am planning to buy an Aqua PC but some of the programmes I run, need Windows XP Professional Edition, is that an option?
9. I have just connected a VGA screen to my Aqua PC, it powers up but nothing appears on the screen, any ideas?
10. I would like to use my Aqua PC system at home occasionally, how would I do this?
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