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  AquaPro PC

The new Aqua range of marine PCs from Digital Yacht bring affordable low power computing to every boat. All models utilise the latest generation of Intel and AMD processors and a highly efficient DC power supply to offer exceptionally low power consumption (from just 15W) as well as fast computing capabilities. Whilst fully customisable, four basic models fit the majority of marine requirements.

AquaPro PC

AquaPro PC uses Intel's latest i3-530 processor and features a solid state hard disk drive for the ultimate in reliability and speed.  It comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 7 Premium Home (64 Bit)  operating system together with 4 GB RAM, 10 x USB ports and built in high speed 802.11n wireless networking.  It will also drive up to two displays using the latest HDMI and DVI/VGA connections.  An optional, four port dedicated NMEA interface (all opto isolated) together with configuration software can be specified, that effectively allows the PC to act as a four way multiplexer for the most sophisticated of navigation programs and systems.

The new flagship Pro model completes Digital Yacht’s Aqua PC range, which features four models optimised for different marine computing requirements. From the entry level Aqua PC, through the specialised Aqua Nav and Aqua Media models, to the new Pro model, all share a common family design that perfectly balances; features, performance, power consumption and cost.   

Despite its power, Aqua Pro measures just 30 x 27 x 7cm and operates directly from 12v or 24v DC without the need for an external inverter.  It offers an amazingly quick zoom and redraw capability, unmatched by any dedicated marine type plotter.  



 UPC Number: 738435472498

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French Manuals
Click to download Aqua PC Pro Quick Start Guide (AQUA PRO PC Quick Start Guide V1_00.pdf 139 Kb)
 Aqua PC Pro
Italian Manuals
Click to download Aqua PC Pro (AQUA PRO PC - Guida Rapida all'Installazione.pdf 141 Kb)
 Aqua PC Pro Quick Start Guide
Italian PR
Click to download Aqua PC PRO - in Italiano (AquaProPC_Gennaio 2011.pdf 154 Kb)
 Aqua PC Pro - Press Release Gennaio 2011
Manuals (English)
Click to download Aqua PC Quick Start Guide (AQUA PC Quick Start Guide V1_02_Eng.pdf 485 Kb)
 Aqua Standard PC Quick Start Guide V1.02 in English
Click to download AquaPro PC Quick Start Guide (AQUA PRO PC Quick Start Guide V1_00_Eng.pdf 229 Kb)
 AquaPro PC Quick Start Guide V1.00 in English
Product Catalogue
Click to download Product Catalogue 2012 (Digitalyacht 2012_web.pdf 997 Kb)
 January 2012 - Our latest catalogue featuring our newest products for 2012 is now available
Product Comparisons
Click to download Marine PCs (Marine PCs.pdf 825 Kb)
 What makes a good marine PC?
Click to download NMEA Data Display Program (NMEA Data Display Program 5.6 Mb)
 Free NMEA0183 diagnostics software V1.00 (Parser)
Spanish Manuals
Click to download Aqua PC Pro - Guía de Instalación e Inicio Rápido (AQUA PRO PC Guia Inicio Rapido_spanish.pdf 232 Kb)
 Aqua PC Pro
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00001-2010 (Tech 00001-2010 USB Adaptor Drivers.pdf 587 Kb)
 USB to Serial Adaptor Drivers for Digital Yacht Products
Click to download Tech 00003-2010 (Tech 00003-2010 SOB Windows 7.pdf 147 Kb)
 Running SOB software on Aqua PC with Windows 7
Click to download Tech 00005-2010 (Tech 00005-2010 NMEA Data detected as Mouse.pdf 273 Kb)
 NMEA Data detected as serial Mouse (erratic cursor movement)
Click to download Tech 00000 - 2013 (Tech 00000-2013 Index.pdf 313 Kb)
 Tech Note Index
Click to download Guide to Marine PCs (Guide to Marine PCs.pdf 105 Kb)
 A one page document to give an overview of our Aqua PC range.
Click to download Aqua PC Range Brochure (aqua brochure_Feb2012.pdf 4.7 Mb)
 February 2012 - revised brochure with the specification of the new PCs that are being built this year
Press Releases
Click to download Aqua PC Pro (Aqua Pro PC PDF.pdf 123 Kb)
 Aqua PC Pro is launched at Southampton Boat Show. Press release September 2010
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1. What is a solid-state drive?
2. I’m looking for a system with one display inside and one outside. Can Aqua PCs connect two displays?
3. I want to get Long Range WiFi for my Aqua PC, but have been told it is not possible if I also have the NMEA 2000 gateway installed, is this correct?
4. I am planning to buy an Aqua PC but some of the programmes I run, need Windows XP Professional Edition, is that an option?
5. Can I fit a remote switch for my Aqua PC?
6. I am using an Aqua PC and I am interested in using SSB with it? How would I connect it?
7. I have connected my NMEA cable to the Aqua PC, but now my cursor is behaving oddly, what do I do?
8. I am planning to buy an Aqua PC but some of the programmes I run, need Windows XP Professional Edition, is that an option?
9. I have just connected a VGA screen to my Aqua PC, it powers up but nothing appears on the screen, any ideas?
10. I would like to use my Aqua PC system at home occasionally, how would I do this?
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