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This innovative and cost effective wireless device creates its own 802.11b+g  wireless access point which any other wireless device can connect to, such as a Smart Phone, Netbook or Laptop.

Connect it to any device or system that has an NMEA 0183 output and it will automatically read the data and transmit it wirelessly to another wireless device. The NMEA 0183 data is transferred using TCP/UDP protocol to a suitably compatible application on the wireless device.

The WLN10 is compatible with all Apple iOS devices (iPhones/iPads), Windows PCs, Android devices, Macs and LINUX PCs. It creates an open wireless access point, that makes connection simple, quick and reliable. It is also possible to make the WLN10 join an existing wireless network on the boat.

A number of Marine Navigation software packages support TCP/UDP data transfer including;

  • SmarterTrack, SeaPro, Rose Point Coastal Explorer, MaxSea, Nobeltec and OpenCPN (PC)
  • MacENC and OpenCPN  (Macs)
  • OpenCPN (LINUX)
  • iNavX, iSailor and Imray  (iPhone/iPad)
  • iRegatta (Android)



  • Wireless NMEA Data server (4800 baud)
  • Reads NMEA 0183 data and transmits it wirelessly over 802.11b+g
  • Can be fitted to any GPS or Instrument system that is outputting/inputting NMEA 0183 data at 4800 baud
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication but must be at the same 4800 baud rate
  • Creates an 802.11b+g wireless access point and then transmits data via TCP/UDP link
  • TCP allows single device connection while UDP allows multiple devices to receive the data
  • Fully compatible with popular iNavX navigation application for Apple mobile devices 
  • Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Windows*, LINUX and Mac devices
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution

* Currently not compatible with Windows Phones

UPC Number: 738435472580

Dutch Manuals
Click to download WLN10 (WLN10 Snelstart_gids_dutch.pdf 305 Kb)
 Wireless NMEA System - WLN10
French Manuals
Click to download WLN10 Quick Start Guide (WLN10 Quick Start Guide V1_00.pdf 147 Kb)
 WLN10 Quick Start Guide
French PR
Click to download WLN10 - en Francais (WLN10_Fevrier2011.pdf 114 Kb)
 WLN10 - Press Release - Fevrier 2011
German PR
Click to download WLN10 - Deutsch (WirelessNMEAServer_April2011.pdf 112 Kb)
 WLN10 - Press Release April 2011
Italian Manuals
Click to download WLN10 (WLN10 - Guida Rapida all'Installazione.pdf 149 Kb)
 WLN10 - Quick Start Guide
Italian PR
Click to download WLN10 - in Italiano (WirelessNMEAServer_Maggio 2011.pdf 112 Kb)
 WLN10 - Press Release Maggio 2011
Manuals (English)
Click to download WLN10 Quick Start Manual (WLN10 Quick Start Guide V1_00_Eng.pdf 194 Kb)
 WLN10 Quick Start Manual
NMEA WiFi Adaptors
Click to download WLN10 High Res Image (Wireless NMEA Server.jpg 4.6 Mb)
NMEA WiFi Adaptors
Click to download WLN10 (LOWRes_WLN10.jpg 213 Kb)
 WLN10 - Low Res
Click to download Wireless Networking on Boats Presentation Notes (Poole YC Wifi 2012.pdf 2.2 Mb)
 20 March 2012 - Presentation by Paul Sumpner at Poole Yacht Club
Click to download Wifi on Boats - NMEA Conference (Wifi on Boats -NMEA Presentation 2012.pdf 1.9 Mb)
 Presentation given by Nick to NMEA Dealer Conference 2012
Click to download 21st Century Marine Electronics (Latest Yacht Electronics V1_00.pdf 4 Mb)
 Presentation on the latest technologies and trends in Marine Electronics first presented in Feb 2014
Product Comparisons
Click to download Marine Apps for Apple iOS Devices (iOS Apps V1_02.pdf 106 Kb)
 A list of the most popular Marine Apps for Apple iOS devices with embedded links to the App Store pages for each App V1.02
Click to download Marine Apps for Android Devices (Android Apps V1_00.pdf 267 Kb)
 A list of the most popular Marine Apps for Android devices with embedded links to the Play Store pages for each App V1.00
Product Data Sheet
Click to download Wireless NMEA Solutions (Wireless NMEA Solutions (2).pdf 590 Kb)
 Overview of iAIS, AIT2000 & WLN10
 ERROR : File not found (Network Reset.bat)
Click to download TeraTerm Macros for WLN10 Update (WLN10_Macros_For_Tech_Note 2 Kb)
 Zip file containing two Tera Term Macro files for WLN10 and WLN10HS updating as required for Tech Note 00051-2013
Click to download UDP Test Tool ( 1.5 Mb)
 Simple program for testing UDP data being transmitted by our Wireless Products.
Spanish Manuals
Click to download WLN10 & WLN10HS - Guía de Instalación e Inicio Rápido (WLN10 y WLN10HS Guia Inicio Rapido_spanish.pdf 276 Kb)
Spanish PR
 ERROR : File not found (Servidor Inalámbrico NMEA Abril2011.doc)
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00023 - 2011 (Tech 00023-2011 Configuring WLN10 Baud Rate.pdf 208 Kb)
 Advice on how to configure WLN10 Baud Rate
Click to download Tech 00000 - 2013 (Tech 00000-2013 Index.pdf 313 Kb)
 Tech Note Index
Click to download Tech 00030 - 2012 (Tech 00030-2012 Multiple NMEA Wireless Connections.pdf 564 Kb)
 How to configure Wireless NMEA Products for Multiple Connections
Click to download Tech 00051 - 2013 (Tech 00051-2013 Updating a WLN10 to Latest AP Firmware.pdf 577 Kb)
 Updating WLN10+WLN10HS for AP Mode
Click to download Tech 00053 - 2013 (Tech 00053-2013 Wireless NMEA and 3G.pdf 1.2 Mb)
 Configuring our Wireless NMEA Products to have Wi-Fi + 3G Connections
Press Releases
Click to download WLN10 (WLN10.pdf 1.3 Mb)
 Press Release February 2011
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1. I have an iAIS or a WLN10 and can connect my iPhone/iPad to it, but when I am connected, no one else on the boat can access it, is this right?
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