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  AA20 AIS Antenna


This high gain, light weight, very easy to fit antenna is ideal for use with all Digital Yacht AIS products (receivers and transponders). Optimised for AIS use, this antenna is ideal for sailing yachts combining excellent performance with light weight design.

The AA20 features an integral rail mount that makes installation very easy and avoids the extra cost and hassle of sourcing an antenna mount. With a slim FME connector, routing of the cable through the boat is much easier and an optional FME to PL259 adaptor is available for using this antenna as a backup antenna for your VHF radio.

The antenna is removable making it easy to stow at the end of the season or if the boat is being transported. Should any physical damage occur to the antenna, replacement is quick and simple and a rubber weather cap is supplied for fitting to the mount when the antenna is removed.

Important Note: A 10m extension is available for installations requiring a longer cable run between the antenna and AIS


  • Ultra light weight helical construction
  • Tuned to give optimum gain and performance at AIS frequencies (160-162Mhz)
  • Integral rail mount makes installation very quick and easy (no additional costs)
  • Removable antenna design allows stowage during winter layup and simple replacement in event of damage 
  • Robust design for mounting at deck level
  • 10m of RG58 coax cable
  • Can be used as emergency backup VHF aerial (requires optional PL259 adaptor)
  • Bayonet (BNC) fitting for quick fit to all Digital Yacht AIS units
  • Half wave dipole design
  • 6dBm gain
  • Typical VSWR 1.2:1 at 161Mhz
Tech Support Notes
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