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  SPL2000 VHF-AIS Antenna Splitter

An AIS receiver or transponder requires a VHF antenna, but Digital Yacht's new SPL2000 AIS-VHF antenna splitter allows an existing antenna to be used for both the AIS and VHF (DSC) and even with an AM/FM radio.  Unlike most simple splitters, it can also be used with a class B transponder system and it incorporates special circuitry to ensure safe operation of the two transmitting devices.

The unit has four simple connections - one input for the main VHF antenna and then outputs for the AIS receiver/transponder, DSC VHF as well as an optional car radio output.  It utilises Digital Yacht’s new, patented, ZeroLossTM technology, to ensure the very best possible reception and transmission from all devices.  Most importantly it is also failsafe, so should the unit ever stop working or lose power, it will not affect the main VHF operation.

Until now, Digital Yacht, have recommended a dedicated antenna for a receiver or transponder.  However, with the new this new ZeroLossTM technology, we can now offer a solution that greatly simplifies installation whilst maintaining performance.  



  • Enables an existing VHF antenna to be used for both the standard VHF and AIS system
  • Patented ZeroLossTM technology for exceptional performance
  • Works with all Class B transponders and receivers
  • Supplied with power cable, PL259-PL259 cable assembly and BNC-BNC cable assembly for easy installation (all cables 0.75m long)
  • AM-FM radio antenna connection for standard car stereo radio (integrated in power cable)
  • 12v or 24v 0peration and low power consumption
  • Fail safe operation
  • Same size and design as the new AIT2000
  • Makes installation of an AIS receiver or transponder very quick and simple
  • Saves on additional antenna clutter!


Antenna Splitters
Click to download SPL2000 - Cut Out (SPL2000_cut_out.jpg 2.7 Mb)
 SPL2000 Cut Out - High Res
Click to download SPL2000 (SPL2000_sml.jpg 3.8 Mb)
 SPL2000 - High Res
Antenna Splitters
Click to download SPL2000 - Cut Out (LOWRES_SPL2000_cut_out.jpg 727 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Cut Out - Low Res
Click to download SPL2000 (LOWRes_SPL2000_sml.jpg 166 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Low Res
French Manuals
Click to download SPL2000 Mode d'emploi V1 00 - en Francais (SPL2000 Mode d'emploi Fr V1 00.pdf 845 Kb)
 SPL2000 Mode d'emploi V1 00 - en Francais
French PR
Click to download SPL2000 - en Francais (SPL2000 PR_Avril2012.pdf 121 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Press Release - Avril 2012
German PR
Click to download SPL2000 - in deutscher Sprache (SPL2000_April2012_deutsch.pdf 152 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Press Release - April 2012
Italian PR
Click to download SPL2000 - in Italiano (SPL2000_Aprile2012.pdf 153 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Press Release - Aprile 2012
Manuals (English)
Click to download SPL2000 Quick Start Guide (SPL2000 User Manual V1_00_Eng.pdf 663 Kb)
 SPL2000 Quick Start Guide V1.00 English
Spanish Manuals
Click to download SPL2000 Guia del Usuario (SPL2000 Guia del Usuario.pdf 848 Kb)
Spanish PR
Click to download SPL2000 (SPL2000_April2012.pdf 150 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Press Release - April 2012
Click to download SPL2000 - en espaņol (SPL2000_April2012.pdf 150 Kb)
 SPL2000 - Press Release - Abril 2012
Press Releases
Click to download SPL2000 VHF-AIS Antenna Splitter (SPL2000_UK_April2012.pdf 150 Kb)
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