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With more and more equipment now using NMEA 2000 networking, being able to easily connect the network data to mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops is becoming an important consideration.

NavLink is a simple and cost effective wireless device that converts NMEA2000 data into a wireless data feed that can be received by any mobile wireless device. Using standard NMEA data formats, NavLink is compatible with all software applications that support TCP (single device) or UDP (multiple devices) data transfer.

A number of Marine Navigation software packages support TCP/UDP data transfer including;

·         SmarterTrack (PC)

·         OpenCPN (PC/Mac/Linux)

·         SeaPro (PC)

·         Rose Point Coastal Explorer (PC)

·         MaxSea (PC)

·         Nobeltec (PC)

·         MacENC  (Macs)

·         iNavX  (iPhone/iPad)             

If you are connecting NavLink to an AIS receiver or transponder, then Digital Yacht’s free iAIS app is downloadable from the Apple App Store, which will display an AIS radar type picture on your Apple device.

NOTE': A NavLink+ is available (Part No. ZDIGWLN2NetPL) which includes an additional USB interface for supplying data from the NMEA2000 network to a PC or Mac.


  • NMEA 2000 Certified Wireless Data server
  • Reads NMEA 2000 data and transmits it wirelessly over 802.11b+g
  • Can be fitted to any NMEA 2000 network with integral cable (male micro connector)
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication for driving an Autopilot
  • Uses standard NMEA data for maximum compatibility with software applications 
  • Free iAIS App for iPhone, iTouch or iPad
  • Creates a wireless access point and then transmits data via TCP/UDP link
  • TCP allows single device connection while UDP allows multiple devices to receive the data
  • Single “plug and play” connection to the NMEA2000 network, provides power and data
  • Optional USB connection available for providing NMEA2000 data to the boat’s nav computer
  • Fully compatible with popular iNavX navigation application for Apple mobile devices 
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution 

French PR
Click to download NavLink - en Francais (NavLink_16_July_2012.pdf 282 Kb)
 NavLink - Press Release - Juillet 2012
German PR
Click to download NavLink - Deutsch (NAVLink_Juli 2012.pdf 312 Kb)
 NavLink - Press Release - Juli 2012
Italian PR
Click to download NavLink - in Italiano (NAVLink_Luglio2012.pdf 314 Kb)
 NavLink - Press Release - Luglio 2012
Manuals (English)
Click to download NavLink Quick Start Guide (NavLink Quick Start Guide V1_00_Eng.pdf 325 Kb)
 NavLink Quick Start Guide V1.00 Eng
Click to download Wifi on Boats - NMEA Conference (Wifi on Boats -NMEA Presentation 2012.pdf 1.9 Mb)
 Presentation given by Nick to NMEA Dealer Conference 2012
Click to download 21st Century Marine Electronics (Latest Yacht Electronics V1_00.pdf 4 Mb)
 Presentation on the latest technologies and trends in Marine Electronics first presented in Feb 2014
Product Comparisons
Click to download Marine Apps for Apple iOS Devices (iOS Apps V1_02.pdf 106 Kb)
 A list of the most popular Marine Apps for Apple iOS devices with embedded links to the App Store pages for each App V1.02
Click to download Marine Apps for Android Devices (Android Apps V1_00.pdf 267 Kb)
 A list of the most popular Marine Apps for Android devices with embedded links to the Play Store pages for each App V1.00
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Click to download UDP Test Tool ( 1.5 Mb)
 Simple program for testing UDP data being transmitted by our Wireless Products.
Spanish PR
Click to download NavLink - en Espanol (NavLink_6 Julio 2012.pdf 280 Kb)
 NavLink en Espanol - Press Release - July 2012
Tech Support Notes
Click to download Tech 00053 - 2013 (Tech 00053-2013 Wireless NMEA and 3G.pdf 1.2 Mb)
 Configuring our Wireless NMEA Products to have Wi-Fi + 3G Connections
Press Releases
Click to download NavLink - English (NavLink_NMEA_July2012.pdf 310 Kb)
 NavLink - Press Release English Version - July 2012
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