TZ iBoat – MaxSea & TimeZero

TZ iBoat – MaxSea & TimeZero

TZ iBoat is a powerful app for coastal sailing designed by MaxSea (also design the powerful software TimeZero). This app is only available on iPhone/iPad. If you have a WiFi Furuno radar, you can overlay radar within the app. There are some in-app purchases to display AIS and GPS data but also to use the Radar functionnality.

Before all, you need to connect your iPhone/iPad to your NMEA to WiFi server or AIS receiver/transponder with WiFI. 


1 – Set up an NMEA connection

Firstly, select the menu icon on the top left of the TZ iBoat screen. It is three horizontal lines. Then, select “Initial Setup” from the list. Then, select “Connect To NMEA Gateway” which will bring up a network configuration window and type in the information parameters:

  • TCP/IP or UDP: TCP protocol is more reliable, allows bi-directional data transfer but only one device to connect at a time, while UDP is a uni- directional, broadcast protocol allowing up to seven devices to all receive the same data. If you using many devices, we recommend you choosing UDP.
  • IP Address: (do not need to enter that if you choose UDP).
  • Port Number: 2000

After having entered those parameters, you should start to see NMEA data streaming in the square. Click Ok.

Receive NMEA data in TZ iBoat

In the Initial Setup menu, you can also choose if you want to use the Internal GPS of your iPhone/iPad or an External Source. If you have a GPS antenna connected to the NMEA to WIFI server then you can select NMEA Gateway.

You can now overlay AIS targets in TZ iBoat.


AIS targets in TZ iBoat