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“The combination of an iKConnect with a WL60 is the lowest cost complete Wi-Fi solution that Digital Yacht have ever released and is an ideal way to connect your iPad, Smartphone or tablet to the internet when in harbour.”


Need long range Wi-Fi connection on all of your smart phones, tablets and other wireless devices ? Then our new WL60+iKConnect bundle is the perfect marine Wifi extender you are looking for.

The WL60 is a compact all-in-one system which features a 100mW modem built in to a hi-gain (8dBm) antenna with a 5m (16ft) USB cable. The antenna measures 60cm (2ft) and should boost your Wi-Fi range to over 0.5 mile in perfect conditions.

iKConnect is a mini wireless router, that can be powered directly from the boat’s 12v DC supply, to create your own onboard wireless network. The WL60 that plugs in to the iKConnect’s USB port provides an internet connection. This then delivers the long range Wi-Fi connection to the marina. Therefore, an established link between the WL70 and the marina allows every wireless device on the boat to get online.

In addition, the combination of an iKConnect with a WL60 is the lowest cost complete Wi-Fi solution that Digital Yacht have ever released. As a result it is an ideal way to connect your non-3G iPad or Android tablet to the internet when in harbour. With a simple web interface that controls the WL60 to scan and connect to the marina hotspot, iKConnect therefore makes getting an internet connection on your boat a breeze.

iKConnect is also the perfect accessory for our latest iKommunicate Signal K gateway allowing mobile devices to wirelessly recieve the Signal K or NMEA data anywhere on the boat. In fact the combination of iKConnect, iKommunicate and a WL60 allows the boat to have a single wireless network. This then provides both navigational data and internet access, without the hassle of switching wireless networks.


  • Marine WiFi extender for boats
  • New 802.11n 100mW Wi-Fi modem
  • High gain (8dBm) omni-directional antenna
  • 4 x suction cup mount
  • 12v DC Powered Wireless Router with long range Wi-Fi connection
  • Simple to use Web Interface for setting up and connecting to hotspots
  • Ideal accessory to our iKommunicate Gateway to get Wireless Signal K or NMEA data
  • Will allow the WL60 long range internet connection to be shared with everyone on board
  • Creates an 802.11n wireless network onboard with full WEP/ WPA/WPA2 encrypted password protection
  • USB interface with 5m cable for WL60
  • Easy to install black box solution


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