How about 5G?

5G is now becoming well developed.  5G is basically about short range, very fast communications.  Its applications are in dense population, urban areas with very fast downloads.  Some of the bands allocated to this are in the 3.4-3.6 GHz and even 24-52 GHz frequency range so ultra-high frequencies which have very short range.

For the maritime and coastal market, this isn’t ideal, so we’ll find that 4G continues to be prevalent.  That said, 5G will be used for a lot of 4G internet back haul so it will improve traditional 4G LTE infrastructure too.  4G LTE technology continues to be the best option for maritime internet access.  4G Xtream and 4G Connect can, of course, support additional internet sources though its WAN port.

We have launched 5G Xtream.