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“NavLink is a low cost app designed for use with an iPhone or iPad. It transforms your iPad into a full function chart plotter with detailed electronic charts and an overlay of your boat’s position, track and heading.”

iAIS application

“iAIS is a simple AIS target plotter designed for use with Digital Yachts AIS with WiFi or any of our other Wireless NMEA products if they are connected to an AIS system.”


“AISConfig allows your mobile Android phone or tablet to wirelessly connect to the latest range of Digital Yacht Class B AIS Transponders.”

NavLink software

“NavLink for MAC is an Apple MAC based electronic charting and navigation package which turns an Apple MacBook into a full function chart plotter.”


“AIS SART Alarm — Connects to any of our AIS devices and detects a SART target — ideal for use as a MOB system with personal SARTs.”

FME to BNC Adaptor (X400.080)


“FME-BNC adaptor which allows VHF antenna to connect to BNC style VHF connections such as those used on AIS transponders.”

FME to TNC Adaptor (X400.081)


“FME-TNC adaptor to connect a GPS antenna to one of our AIS Class B transponders.”

FME to PL259 Adaptor (X400.048)


“FME to PL259 adaptor allows any VHF antenna with FME connector to fit Class A AIS systems or any system with PL259 style connection.”

N Type Male for LMR400 (X400.084)


“N type connectors for LMR400 cable as used on our WL510 hi power wifi internet access system and for the 10 and 20m cables for 4GConnect.”

N Type Female for LMR400 (X400.078)


“N type Female connectors for LMR400 cable.”

Flange mount (ZSHA4710)


“Heavy-duty, low profile, 1in. High mount with standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

1M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


“A 1m (3ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”

NMEA 2000 Single T-Piece


“As your NMEA 2000 network expands, beyond the 3 device limit of our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit, you can use one of our single T-pieces to add an additional device.”

Rail mount (ZSHA4720)


“This mount comes with nylon adapters to fit vertical or horizontal, square or round rails with a 22/25/35mm diameter.”

Nylon Ratchet Mount (ZSCOPA3)


“Handle allows easy fold down of antenna and 4 way design allows for mounting on any surface. Suitable for use with any antennas using standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

3M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


“A 3m (9ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”

Digital Yacht Bottle


“Digital Yacht is now in partnership with Ocean Bottle! The award-winning Ocean Bottle, made from recycled stainless steel, is designed to come with you everywhere.”

JB1 Power/NMEA 0183 Junction Box


“The JB1 is a simple way to interconnect NMEA 0183 products and ideal for DIY installation.”

6M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


” A 6m (20ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”

Detachable rail mount bracket (ZSCOPA41)


“Designed to fit 1″ rails but with detachable top to allow easy removal of antenna.”



“Get NMEA data into your PC or MAC with this super stable interface.”

NMEA 0183 to USB-C


“Get NMEA data into the latest generation of PCs or MACs with this super stable interface USB C interface”

N280S – 1″x14TPI to 1.25″ pipe thread adaptor


“Fits to 1.25″ antennas and converts to fit 1” range of mounts. “

Deck base for CX4A, WL510 or 4GConnect (ZCELE179F)


“The E179F is a mounting bracket for our WL510 and 4G Connect antennas. It allows these larger 1.25” antennas to bolt down onto this threaded fitting.”

Mast Mount (ZSCOPA82)


“Stand off mast bracket for use with any marine antennas with standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

Mast/Rail Mount (ZCELN275F)


“Powder coated diecast aluminium Mast/Rail Mounting Bracket 1″-14NF.”

KS30 – VHF Antenna


“The KS30 is a 1m tuned AIS VHF antenna to fit all Digital Yacht AIS receivers and transponders.”