Digital Yacht Interfacing products provide smart and cost effective solutions for connecting dedicated marine electronics to the latest consumer devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets or chart plotters with different interfaces. Both traditional wired and the latest wireless interfaces are available allowing you to easily transfer NMEA data to your mobile device.

Whether you are an iPhone/iPad, Android, PC or Mac user, wireless (or wired) interfacing can now be simply added to your existing navigation system with the addition of one of Digital Yacht’s smart little devices.

We have also created NMEA gateways to multiplex the NMEA data or to connect and convert the NMEA data to an Ethernet network, USB or even the new innovative standard called Signal K

Digital Yacht also sell NMEA 2000 cables and starter kit that can be used to expand or build any size of NMEA 2000 network – up to the maximum 50 devices limit.

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1M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


“A 1m (3ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”

NMEA 2000 Single T-Piece


“As your NMEA 2000 network expands, beyond the 3 device limit of our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit, you can use one of our single T-pieces to add an additional device.”

3M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


“A 3m (9ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”

JB1 Power/NMEA 0183 Junction Box


“The JB1 is a simple way to interconnect NMEA 0183 products and ideal for DIY installation.”

6M NMEA 2000 Drop Cable


” A 6m (20ft) NMEA 2000 drop cable made of metal connectors for maximum reliability.”



“Get NMEA data into your PC or MAC with this super stable interface.”

NMEA 0183 to USB-C


“Get NMEA data into the latest generation of PCs or MACs with this super stable interface USB C interface”

NMEA 2000 4 x T-pieces


“As your NMEA 2000 network expands, beyond the 3 device limit of our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit, you can use one of our 4 way T-pieces to add another four additional devices.”

NMEA 2000 starter kit


“A simple and low-cost NMEA 2000 starter kit which allows for up to 3 devices to interconnect.”

Pilot Plug USB Cable


“Easy PC connections from a Class A AIS to a PC or MAC.”

Class A PC Pilot Plug Extension Cable


“A 10m pilot plug extension cable”

WLN10 Smart


“This smart NMEA to WiFi gateway allows tablets & mobile devices to connect to existing on board GPS, AIS and instrument systems.”

veKonvert – Victron VE.Direct to NMEA 2000 gateway


“veKonvert brings NMEA 2000 connectivity to Victron’s popular SmartShunt battery monitoring system – now a navigation multi function display becomes a sophisticated battery and energy management system”

SeaTalk1 to USB Converter


“The ideal data converter to get SeaTalk data on to a computer”

SeaTalk1 to NMEA 0183 Converter (ISO)


“The ideal data converter for any legacy Autohelm or Raymarine system”

iKonvert – NMEA 2000 to USB Converter


“One NMEA2000 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”

iKonvert – NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 Converter (ISO)


“One NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”

LANLink – NMEA to Ethernet

From: £192.00

“LANLink is a NMEA to ethernet gateway which enables the boat’s NMEA data to integrate onto a router network – allowing connected devices and apps to take advantage of the data.”

WLN30 Smart Wireless NMEA Multiplexer


“The WLN30 is a smart NMEA to WiFi Multiplexer designed to connect your smart phone and other wireless devices to your boat’s navigation systems. It features three NMEA0183 inputs and easy web interface configuration.”



“NavLink 2 is an easy to fit NMEA2000 to WiFi server designed to make NMEA2000 navigation data available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs.”

ENGINELink – Wireless Engine Interface


“Monitor your engine data on a tablet, phone, PC, MAC or iPad using Digital Yacht’s ENGLINELink NMEA 2000 wireless gateway”



“PilotLINK 2 allows Class A transponders to interface with the latest range of mobile devices including iPhones, tablets and PCs/MACs.  Applications range from maritime pilots through to survey ship charter users who may want access to the ship’s AIS and GPS data.”

GPS160 SeaTalk


“GPS160 SeaTalk version is supplied with Digital Yacht SeaTalk1 to NMEA0183 converter allowing easy replacement of older Raystar sensors.”

NavAlert – NMEA 2000 Monitor & Alert Solution


“NavAlert is an alert, alarm and monitoring system for any NMEA 2000 network with custom anchor and collision alarms and SMS interface to our 4G Xtream product.  Set navigation, engine, electrical alerts for any parameter available on the NMEA 2000 network.  Pop up alarms on Garmin MFDs too.”



“NAVDoctor is the perfect NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool for dealers, installers and boat builders. It turns any mobile device in to an NMEA 2000 network analyser, creating simple and clear web pages that show the health and status of your NMEA 2000 network.”