For boat owners, keeping their vessel’s electronics in top condition is crucial. However, when issues arise, it can be challenging to identify the root cause of the problem. That’s where Digital Yacht’s range of diagnostic products come in – designed to make troubleshooting your boat’s electronics easy and efficient.

Digital Yacht features a variety of products that allow you to diagnose and quickly fix any issues with your NMEA 2000 network or NMEA 0183 interfacing. Our marine diagnostic tools include the NavDoctor which has the ability to transform any mobile device into an NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool for analyzing NMEA 2000 networks, while our iKonvert USB can display and log the RAW NMEA 2000 data for deeper analysis.

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iKonvert – NMEA 2000 to USB Converter


“One NMEA2000 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”



“NAVDoctor is the perfect NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool for dealers, installers and boat builders. It turns any mobile device in to an NMEA 2000 network analyser, creating simple and clear web pages that show the health and status of your NMEA 2000 network.”