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AIS Transponder with ZeroLoss VHF Antenna Splitter

From: £1,074.00

“This pack includes an AIS Transponder with a zeroloss VHF splitter. You have the choice between the AIT2000 and the AIT2500 AIS Transponder.”

AIS Transponder with NMEA 2000 to WiFi Server

From: £1,134.00

“The perfect pack to receive AIS and to transmit your position as well as streaming wirelessly all your navigation data on navigation apps & software. This pack includes an AIS Transponder with an NMEA 2000 to WiFi server.”

AIS Transponder with Icom VHF Radio, VHF Splitter & WiFi

From: £1,824.00

“Add Class B+ AIS transponder capability to an Icom M510 VHF radio. This pack includes AIT2500, VHF splitter and ICOM M510 VHF Radio.”